New ATLANTIS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Books

ATLANTIS Higher Learning English Expression II
Unit 1 Teacher Version and Worksheets

ATLANTIS Higher Learning
English Expression I Standard
and English Expression II

Support Material for Teachers and Students*

DVD-ROM (MS Word files)

  1. Test builders for every lesson
  2. Vocabulary quizzes for every part of every lesson
  3. Textbook digital data
  4. i. conversations and short stories
    ii. comprehension questions
    iii. grammar drills
  5. Sample writing
  6. Listening scripts
  7. Vocabulary matching exercises (Japanese to English)
  8. Additional worksheets (for EEI)
  9. Syllabus

Workbooks for Expression I (B5)

1. Workbook 1
  1. Additional conversations and short stories (often related to those in the textbook)
  2. Additional comprehension questions which focus on the target grammar
  3. Grammar drills
  4. Vocabulary drills
2. Workbook 2
  1. Grammar review
  2. Grammar drills
  3. Optional - Grammar extension section at the end of the workbook (an expansion of some grammar points from the textbook)

* The DVD-Rom worksheet and Teachers' Manual samples (when you click the links) are from Expression I Advanced.

Teachers’ Manual for Expression I

  1. Answer keys for every exercise in the textbook / list of CD tracks
  2. Grammar and exercise explanation (as explained by veteran Japanese teachers of English)
  3. Student-focused English lesson plans - involve the students in the class from the start to the end and teach effectively in English (can also used by ALTs)
  4. Translation for every part of each lesson as well as the Writer’s Corner
  5. Sample writing
  6. Listening scripts

CDs for Expression I

  1. 3 Class CDs
  2. 1 Student CD
  3. 1 Workbook CD

The Expression II Teachers’ Manual and CDs follow the same patterns as the Expression I Teachers’ manual and CDs.