New ATLANTIS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Books

ATLANTIS English Communication Basic

Support Material for Teachers and Students

DVD-ROM (MS Word files)

  1. Test builders for every lesson
  2. Vocabulary quizzes for every lesson
  3. Textbook digital data (text, comprehension questions, classroom English, alphabet, pronunciation)
  4. Additional comprehension questions
  5. Worksheets for the lesson warm-ups
  6. Vocabulary matching exercises for every lesson (Japanese to English)
  7. Text matching exercises for every lesson (Japanese to English)
  8. Listening scripts
  9. Japanese translation of the text
  10. Flashcards (vocabulary) and pictures
  11. Grammar explanation for each grammar point of every lesson
  12. Syllabus

Workbooks (B5)

1. Workbook 1: 70 pages
  1. Word Stress
  2. Vocabulary translation (English to Japanese and Japanese to English)
  3. Additional comprehension questions
  4. Vocabulary review (crossword puzzle)
  5. Grammar drills
2. Workbook 2: 76 pages
  1. Grammar drills
  2. Translation (English to Japanese and Japanese to English)
  3. Test preparation (four mock tests) and additional grammar drills

Teachers’ Manual

  1. Answer keys for every exercise in the textbook / list of CD tracks
  2. Grammar and exercise explanation (as explained by veteran Japanese teachers of English)
  3. Student-focused English lesson plans - involve the students in the class from the start to the end and teach effectively in English (can also used by ALTs)
  4. Translation for every part of every lesson
  5. Additional comprehension questions for every lesson
  6. Listening scripts
  7. Sample writing


  1. 4 Class CDs
  2. 1 Student CD

Sample CD tracks

  1. Lesson 1, Part 1 New Words
  2. Lesson 1, Part 1
  3. Lesson 1, Part 2 New Words
  4. Lesson 1, Part 2
  5. Lesson 1, Part 3 New Words
  6. Lesson 1, Part 3

My name is Aida. I am from Norway.

Norway is very beautiful. It is a land of mountains, lakes, and the Northern Lights.

I am Fabio from Brazil. In Brazil, people like soccer very much.

Brazil has many carnivals. We play bossa nova music, and we dance the samba.

We are Min Jun and Sun Hee. Korean people eat kimchi. It is spicy and delicious.

Many young people listen to K-pop. We sing and dance.

ATLANTIS English Communication Basic can be smoothly followed up by ATLANTIS Hybrid English Communication I Standard. Students will feel comfortable with the similar look and feel of the two textbooks.